Episode 1

The Dangers of Political Correctness & the Cancel Culture


October 14th, 2020

30 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

Do you struggle with political correctness while conversing with friends and family? Are you afraid for yourself and your children with the onset of the Cancel Culture in our society? Do you feel like we’re losing our right to speak freely? How do you reach people for Christ when every moral discussion comes into question?

On this episode of Thru the Fire, the husband and wife duo Dr. Marie Seltz and Dr. Gregory Seltz discuss the dangers of Political Correctness and how it has morphed into the Cancel Culture. We have moved from a society of “I don’t want to hear certain truths” to the point of “you can’t say that, and if you do, we’ll punish you!” How did this happen? Why have we moved so far, so fast?

The Seltzes examine how technology has contributed to groupthink at the expense of the individual thought. We all seem to cater to groups and groupthink when, in reality, we are individuals in the eyes of God. Young people feel empowered to assemble and join groups without any accountability or individual responsibility because technology allows them to remain mostly anonymous. What are the causes of the cancel culture phenomenon?

Finally, the Seltzes provide some practical insight into how we can combat the cancel culture and political correctness. It starts in the home with parents who intentionally nurture a deep love and understanding of who God is and train their children to be responsible, accountable individuals who will stand firm in their faith. Groupthink and the exemption of personal responsibility are popular lies spread in our culture today. By viewing everything through the lens of Biblical authority, you will give your child the ability to discern truth, so they will not be susceptible to these lies.

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