Episode 20

COVID Vaccination & Social Shaming


April 8th, 2021

26 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

The COVID pandemic, with the assistance of social media, has brought out the worst in herd behavior, specifically shame. Previously a personal decision, healthcare choices are now becoming understood as social matters. Throngs of individuals are joining forces to shame others into conforming to quell their own fears and lack of control of the current situation. Such behavior leads to pressure, defensiveness, confusion, and isolation for many targeted individuals and seldom influences the intended behavior change. There are better ways to have conversations and see conversions in behavior.v

Resources Mentioned in this Episode
What vaccine shamers should really be upset about
by Alex Abad-Santos for Vox.com

Remember, there are two kinds of fire in the world: One that burns and consumes and one that burns and empowers. May God's word and God's love burn brightly in you, giving you the strength to face any fire. Until next time, little embers!

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