Episode 21

Let's Talk About Religious Freedom


May 24th, 2021

24 mins 42 secs

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About this Episode

Christ has risen! He has risen indeed! Hallelujah!

Politics can't save us. It's only because of the power of Christ's death on the cross that we have the strength to face the evil and chaos in our world. Easter is not political, but its message is what makes liberty and freedom truly possible. It's a proclamation of what God did and is doing amidst the chaos of our world.

Our relationship with God is the key to all of the freedoms we enjoy. Many Americans don't realize that the freedoms we cherish, that motivate us to vote, protest, and just go about our own business without fear flow from a belief about the world, about God, and about our proper place in it. The freedom we celebrate on the fourth of July is directly related to the notion of their being eternal freedom that Jesus won for the world on the cross and in His resurrection.

Our nation's founders believed that if God wanted us to worship Him freely, we should have a government that protects and promotes that freedom!

What can we do to protect religious freedom?

  • Don't get caught up in the calendar and events of this world alone - look at things through God's Good Friday and Easter point of view.
  • Get back to church!
  • Don't let the pandemic steal our joy and worship.

Scripture Mentioned in this Episode
Romans 1

Resources Mentioned in this Episode
What’s a Christian to Do as the World Sinks into Chaos?
by Tom Hoopesis

Thriving in Chaotic Times
by Ed Chinn

Remember, there are two kinds of fire in the world: One that burns and consumes and one that burns and empowers. May God's word and God's love burn brightly in you, giving you the strength to face any fire. Until next time, little embers!

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