Episode 27

The Sanctity of Life: Defending Families


September 16th, 2021

24 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

The Supreme Court has taken up the Dobbs vs Jackson Women’s Health Case in Mississippi. Could this be the case that overturns Roe vs. Wade?

Abortion is no small matter. There are so many unhealthy and emotional outcomes that come from have an abortion.

We need to turn the issue of abortion back to the states where people can vote their conscious. It is the state’s responsibility to protect innocent lives. Ultimately, we need the issue of abortion to be back in the church instead of in the hands of 9 judges.

Consequences to do as you please and as you feel has brought tremendous heart break into our lives. And a quick medical fix is not the solution to that heart break.

Our culture is at war and in the midst of war we need to cherish life. We need to cherish each other the way God sees us and that begins with the notion of sanctity of all life.

If you are considering an abortion or have dealt with an abortion in the past, please reach out to us at http://cccc.usa.com

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

A Pro-Life Decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Will Save the Lives of Countless Women and Children, by Anne Hendershott at http://spectator.org

Is Marriage Just a Sexist Institution? The Modern Revolt Against Marriage Doesn't Lead to Liberation-- Quite The Opposite, By Albert Mohler

Remember, there are two kinds of fire in the world: One that burns and consumes and one that burns and empowers. May God's word and God's love burn brightly in you, giving you the strength to face any fire. Until next time, little embers!

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