Episode 5

Election Chaos


November 13th, 2020

27 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

The 2020 presidential election has been one of the strangest in history. Would Christians be shocked to know that their religious liberties were the main item on the ballot? In a culture that is more and more aggressively antagonistic to the Christian worldview, how can we be prepared to defend our voice?

  • Did Christians really know what they were voting for? Were they merely voting for the nice guy versus the mean guy? Why didn’t they know?
  • Ignorance of politics can leadto the loss of liberty.
  • Why aren’t pastors more active from the pulpit linking the Bible to politics so their congregants are better informed?
  • The movement within the church to limit discussion of politics while not understanding how that causes the loss of freedom of speech and religion.
  • Response to Tim Keller's statement that there was no moral difference between the party platforms, and how he ignored the sanctity of life.
  • How pastors confuse issues or ignore them completely.
  • Our role as Christians is to be the moral voice to speak to government and against government when it goes off track.
  • In spite of government, the prolife movement is making great inroads.
  • Let the church be the church. Both the church and the government have their role.
  • Candidate personalities and how it impacts voting.
  • How we confuse our arguments as Christians when discussing politics while persuading other Christians.
  • The problem we have in this country is our expectation of government and what role we want it play in our lives -- and, how this leads to feelings of anxiety as we are under attack.